Affair Repair Guide – Art of Attracting Women

Your Marriage Can Be Saved Even After An Affair

If an affair is tearing your marriage apart, with what you will learn in this easy-to-follow book by a national relationship expert, you can save your marriage..

In this step-by-step program you’ll learn how to stop the hurt, pain, mistrust and fear that you’re experiencing right now. You’ll also learn how to rebuild love so you can once again, enjoy each other, and with the breakthrough techniques that the author shares, enjoy a deeper bond than even before the affair.

You will learn skills and techniques that you were never taught by your parents or in school. Much of why couples get into trouble is because they don’t know how to keep love alive, stay connected, and experience the intimacy that is so important to keeping a marriage thriving.

Right now it might seem impossible to feel ‘in love’ again. But as you go through each easy-to-follow step, you will begin to have hope once again.

So much of how you interacted with each other is learned from your parents, from hit-and-miss guessing, and from what each of you brought from past relationships. You certainly were not taught how to effectively deal with an affair.

What you can do when it feels like there’s no hope.

How to cope, day-to-day, while you go through each step of this program.
A 7-step process to heal your hearts from the damage that has been done.
How to use 3 very powerful Communication Techniques, each designed to help you work through specific issues.
A step-by-step process that will teach you how to see your marriage with new eyes.

The biggest killer of romance.

How to get over mistrust, one of the most difficult issues to work through after an affair.

How to understand how it was possible for an affair to happen.

A powerful strategy to transform your marriage.

A simple step you can take that will shift your focus to what really matters.
How to align your goals in order to turn your marriage around.

The difference between how men love compared to how women love.

Communication techniques that will help you build a stronger bond than you’ve ever had before. One of these techniques is a game that will help release tension between you.

How to make your differences work for you, rather than against you.

How the same things that now trigger arguments, hurt feelings, and resentments, can be turned into pathways into each other’s hearts.

When you begin to put into practice the techniques and strategies offered in this book, you will have the best possible chance of saving your marriage.

Most important, from the first page, you will begin to experience a new sense of empowerment.

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