5 Tips To Improve Your Text Message Conversations

Think of a man who goes out to meet women during the daytime or at a night club. He spots a beautiful woman who catches his interest. He approaches her and the two of them relate well to each other, spend a few minutes knowing about each other, exchange some mild tease and laughs, and eventually, both of them exchange phone numbers and decide to meet up again sometime in the upcoming weeks.

The man leaves the conversation with confident that sometimes in a week he’ll get her out on a date. After a couple of days, once he tries to message her, she doesn’t respond, or she responds in a different way that the man was not hoping to receive. So he tries messaging her a few days later trying to get her out for a date with him. But she refuses to meet and make excuses, giving reasons for why she can’t meet with him, how busy she is with her schedule. Eventually, the man gives up trying to text women and to get them out on a date with him. He declares to himself – «Messaging girls don’t work. Girls are unreliable and are too flakey».

To know how to text women and get them out on a date with you, here are 5 things to know about texting girls and what you need to do to successfully text women and set up dates. Try also to register at Bongacams erotic chat and practice there.

Methods that lead to failure to set up dates.

When it comes to texting women with the hopes to set up a date, the main mistake that most men make is they don’t actually ask a girl out on a date through the message. They don’t have a goal when they text women (Detailed post – How to text girls and set up a date). They seem to text women with the underlying thought pattern like –
«Let me text this girl and make her to somehow accept my offer to go out on a date with me».

This mindset obviously leads to failure. Most men when they text girls, spend more time trying to be funny and make girls laugh over the message. They try to cultivate an emotional connection through texting. They send a woman one text message, she doesn’t respond immediately or she responds in a different way they hadn’t hoped. They immediately become needy and start messaging her 40 more times on the same day itself.

These are the methods that most men usually use to get girls to reply to their text messages and to get them to accept their offer to go out on a date with them. The only thing that these entire methods guarantee is the failure to set up a date through text messages.

Text girls only to set up dates. That’s it.

Text messages shouldn’t be used for developing any comfort or rapport. It should not be used for having tedious talks and sharing stories. The only goal of texting a girl with whom you had a conversation and exchanged phone number is to set up a date. And the reason is it’s easier to build connection and make the girl comfortable when you meet her in person. It’s easier to tease girls, make them laugh and get her to like you in person.

Because of these reasons, the text messages that you send to women should not be used to build any rapport or to make them laugh.

Your text messages convey underlying meaning.

Most men believe – «it’s required to text girls to establish comfort and rapport», «girls like a man who can make them laugh over his messages».  But the truth is girls don’t respond to the tactics that most men take. When a man tries to make girls laugh over the message or develop a rapport with girls over text, what he is unconsciously communicating to a girl is –
«I have to make you laugh and make you feel comfortable so that you accept my offer to go out on a date with me».

He is not exactly saying that, but his text message is expressing this meaning to girls. His text messages show signs of neediness, desperation and a lack of profusion mentality,  which is unattractive.

The things attractive men do differently from the unattractive men.

Texting women become simple and easy when you know your goal and what exactly you want. Women find those men incredibly attractive who don’t put any effort at all.

An unattractive man calls and messages a girl 30 times a day, but an attractive man sends her a plain text message – «Let us meet for a cup of coffee today at 7 pm, does it work for you?»

An unattractive man is stuck chasing a woman, which forces her to run away and the attractive man is easily leading and commanding a woman, which they respond positively to.

To set up a date lead girls rather than asking questions.

One of the usual mistakes most men make when it comes to texting women is they ask too many questions instead of being a man and leading the conversation. It looks like this:
Man – So, do you want to go out with me?
Girl – Um, I am not actually sure. Why, where you are planning to go?
Man – I don’t know, where do you like to hang out?
Girl – I don’t know, moreover, I can’t because I really have to study for a test.
Man – Ok, I understand. We will hang out some other time then.
The man here doesn’t lead and asks too many questions. And this made him lose date with this girl. This is the usual mistake most men make. They ask girls questions rather than leading and commanding them with statements.
To text a woman in a very natural way that shows leadership, is difficult to say «No» to, and has girls motivated to meet you on a date, it looks like this:
Man – «Hey Jennifer, let’s grab a quick bite to eat today after work. Does 7: 00 work for you?»
Girl – «Yeah, 7: 00 works for me. Where will we be going?»
Man – «There is this new Restaurant that recently opened up in the nearby area that I have been waiting to check out. You can come to my place, then drive there together in my car. See you at 7: 00»
Girl – «Ok, see you then:)»

This text message conversation is powerful because the man here is leading with declarations that are hard to say «No» to (who is going to refuse a quick bite to eat, particularly after finishing the work) and he also makes her feel involved by asking her if the time 7: 00 works for her.

This is how to text women and set up a date. Keep your text messages short, simple, and straight to the point. Never try to make women laugh, build any comfort, or build a rapport over text messages. Your purpose in messaging a girl is to set up dates. That’s it.

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