4 tips to make women curious in your conversations

Here is something that everyone probably already knows – Most men are boring and most women realize this. They don’t know how to talk to women during the conversation and make them curious. Here are 4 practical tips to improve your conversation and attract women you meet.

Don’t reveal everything about yourself during the conversation.

When the ordinary man talks with a woman, most of the time he does his best to boast about the type of car that he drives or talk about the money that he makes. He will also generally be very excited to tell a girl his entire life stories and most of the interesting things about himself. In short, when the ordinary man meets and talks to women he usually exposes everything about himself and leaves nothing up to the curiosity and gives women no reason to follow or chase him.

This approach usually fails because women don’t like things just handed to them or simply given to them. They want to put in some kind of effort to discover or find out interesting things and to work for that information. And when a man tells all the things about himself the women find no reason to have a talk because the man has already displayed everything that is there to learn about him. When this takes place, most girls lose interest in the man, their curiosity for the man decreases and they leave.

Make women put effort to know more about you.

The problem that most of the men make is they don’t make women put in any kind of effort in order to know things about them. Just like the more effort that a person has to put in to learn something, the more that they tend to value it, when you make a woman put effort to learn interesting things about you, you can get them to value you.

Example: A woman ends up meeting two different men and she asks questions to each of them what work they do:

Girl: So what do you do for work?

First Man: I am a manager at the deli store; I wake up every morning at 6 AM and run the cash register all day long until 4 PM.

Second Man: I do a little writing on the internet for the content marketing business that I started.

The second man here is going to obtain a better reaction and response because he only tells very little about him and doesn’t go into the details. He leaves you wanting to learn and know more specifically about what he actually does. His answers are extremely unclear. He gives her a half answer instead of giving a direct answer.

This is how you make the woman curious when you meet her, by giving her a satisfied, enough of an answer to whatever it is, but not giving her the detailed answer so that you leave her wanting to learn and know more.

Respond women in a vague manner to make them more curious.

Here is a simple key to making women curious. Whenever a woman asks you questions that you usually would respond «yes» to, rather than saying «yes», try replying to her question in the most unclear manner while still leaving her satisfied with your answer. It ends up like this:

Girl: Do you have a girlfriend? Man: Why do you ask?

What you are doing here is you are giving her a response, but not the response she was expecting. She is looking for a» no» or «yes» answer and you are not giving that answer. You are flipping and turning the tables. By answering her question in this way she is going to become more curious and want to find out whether you actually do have a girlfriend or not.

This is essentially how you get women chasing you as she can’t relax until she solves the challenge whether you actually have a girlfriend or not.

Never give a girl direct, detailed answers.

The key to getting girls following you and keeping them pursuing you is not to give direct, detailed answers. Just following this key alone will have girls eager to be around you.

While the ordinary man tries to please and comfort women by telling everything that there is to learn about him, the attractive man realizes that not giving direct and detailed answers are the key to attracting women, make them curious to chase you and see improvements in your conversations with women.

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