4 Tips To Attract Women On First Date And Sleep With Them

Almost every man wants to learn how to attract women and get her to sleep with them on the first date because It prevents spending time on taking the girls on expensive dates that empty your wallet, it converts a girl you really are interested in into your girlfriend without much effort and hassle and it makes you more confident and result independent because you are aware that you have the unique skill to attract women fast. Learning how to get a woman on the first date to sleep with them is a skill every man wants to learn. Here are 4 tips to invite a girl back to your home on the first date.

Choose your dating decisions.

Many men who try to sleep with women on the first date do all the things in the wrong way from the beginning itself. They think (and believe) that you need to impress and make women like you and pay for costly dates to get girls to sleep with you. They believe girls only sleep with men they know personally and are comfortable with. And they believe you need to wait until the 3 rd date to make a move on the girl. These things are the main reason why most men fail to sleep with women on the first date.

The truth is women act the way you act and appear around them and in whichever way that you see her act in. It means, if you treat girls like good girls they will behave like good girls, give you the (wrong) image that they are not into sleeping fast with strangers and doesn’t do those mischievous things. So most girls will end up making you wait to sleep with them, get you out on 4 to 5 expensive dates and «may be» sleep with you on the 6 th date.

That’s a lot of if’s and maybe’s. The fact is, when you leave the dating decisions in the hands of women, you will be unable to sleep with women on the first date. The men who are natural seducers don’t wait for a chance or leave decisions up to women. They lead the conversation in the way they choose. They focus on coming across as a charming man with a certain pattern and routine they have perfected and mastered when it comes to a first date and gets a girl interested and take her home.

Keep your first date easier and simple.

Most men don’t keep a plan when it comes to their first date and fail in getting women to sleep with them. They don’t plan the place to take women and don’t plan how to get them there.

Arrange the date after 7 pm or when it starts to get dark as it creates a very sensual mood and the thought pattern of a girl will be like – «I wonder what is going to happen and whether will he make the move?»

Meet her at a location which is near to your home, preferably 5 – 10 minutes away from where you live. Many men when going on a first date agree to meet a woman near to her location, which may work or may not work (and again you have to depend on chance which successful people don’t do). Meet her close to your location to invite her back to your home when you get ready so that the transition happens quickly and smoothly.

No dinner dates or movie dates. Meet her at a coffee shop or at a local cafe. Many men still believe that treating girls on costly dinner dates will influence her to sleep with them without realizing that doing this has the opposite effect. Also, treating the girls to dinner dates conveys the meaning that you are trying to become her next boyfriend or husband and they will make you wait to sleep with them in order to maintain their «good girl» image you have created in your mind. By meeting with a girl in the coffee shop, instead of typical movie or dinner dates and only getting a simple cup of coffee, it becomes easier and simpler for both and eliminates the thought pattern – «Who is going to pay the bill?»

Women are attracted to men who make things easier, make decisions and take the lead. By planning all the things, you become attractive by taking the lead.

Keep the conversation topics focused on her.

During the date with a girl, your goal should be to make an interesting talk, develop an emotional connection, and get to know her to help you increase your chances of sleeping with her on your date #1. (Read what to talk to women on a date) While on a date, you have to convey the message to girls that you are a man who doesn’t behave like an intellect and likes girls who are free-spirited and adventurous. You also need to begin touching a girl during the date. Touching stimulates women. When you send the message that you are comfortable with her, it makes her become more comfortable with the date and this helps to make women realize that you want to become more than «simply her friend.»

You also need to have conversations related to her so that she shares her interests, passions, vulnerabilities and hopes with you and start getting more interested and connected to you. Focus on being normal and a natural guy to make your first date with girls to run smoothly.

Create a reason to invite the girl back to your place.

One thing you need to do during the conversation with girls on a date is to subtly mention that you would like to show her something that is back in your place. It looks like this:

Girl – «Yes, I really have fun reading books and improving myself as a person. I am so big on knowledge.» Man – «Yeah, I fully agree. I get totally absorbed by reading interesting things. Hey, by the way, there is this amazing new website that I have to show you. It is fully awesome and you are going to love it completely.»

The man here is creating a reason to invite the girl to his place. Once you get a girl back to your place, take things fast. The biggest mistake men make is once they get a girl back to their place, they move slowly. Give yourself no more than 10 minutes to make the move. Waiting for the right time to make the move creates fear, and puts the pressure on women to make the move and ends up never making a move and sleeping with the girl. To overcome this problem is to stop thinking about the effects that can arise when you make the move and romantically escalate. Remember that to succeed with women, you have to act quickly and get them alone with you in the shortest time.

Another method you can follow is when a girl enters your house; tell her to remove her shoes. Doing this shows that you care about maintaining your home clean, this itself makes you attractive. More importantly, it makes the girl think subconsciously that she is going to remain longer and it becomes easier to romantically escalate.

One more method is to immediately take her to your room and sit on the bed, ensuring that there is no place to sit down in your room except your bed. All these methods are subtly done, but they are of great importance if you want to increase your chances of becoming intimate on the first date.

Once you get a girl to your place and you and she are in bed together, talk slowly and sensually by giving her seductive eye contact. Start slowly touching her and caressing her legs and back and escalate romantically. The girl won’t resist if you have done a good enough job on the meeting place understanding her and coming across as an attractive man. If the girl offers last minute resistance, immediately stop moving, talk about the conversation you were interacting about and then after 3 or 4 minutes, escalate again to become intimate.

To properly attract women, you need to just set the right mood, appear as a confident and attractive man, be dominant and take the lead.

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